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Can Sales Strategy Academy really help you double or triple your sales, without working more hours?

Aaron went from $50,000/year to $307,000/year, and now works less than he did before!

Aaron was a student of mine who felt stuck because he was making around $50,000 every year as a salesperson. He didn’t know how to break through this ceiling and start earning more… but he didn’t want to work more either because he was already putting in around 60 hours a week. After going through Sales Strategy Academy, Aaron brought home $307,000 in commissions the very next year, and his earnings haven’t dipped below $300,000 since then… and he’s actually working fewer hours now, than when he was making $50,000 a year!

“I achieved my annual sales goal in the first six months, and last year, I crushed my goal by 400%!”

"It has completely changed my outlook on my business and the way I look for new customers. By utilizing the fundamentals of Marc's program, I achieved my annual sales goal in the first six months, and last year, I crushed my goal by 400%!"

Jason Martel

Laura doubled her sales in 12 months, without working more...

Laura owns a marketing company, and it was bringing in around $400,000 a year pretty consistently. After she took Sales Strategy Academy and made some simple shifts in her selling, her revenues over the next 12 months shot up to $820,000! And after the initial upfront time investment, she went back to working the same number of hours, even though her revenues had more than doubled!

30-year sales veteran “skyrocketed” his income after Sales Strategy Academy

“My income has skyrocketed since completing the program.”

Rookie salesperson closed an $83,000 deal and made a $10,000 commission with just one idea from Sales Strategy Academy

George was a brand new salesperson. He told me that just a few weeks after going through Sales Strategy Academy, he used just one idea in the course to land an $83,000 deal, which netted him more than $10,000 in commission. Not bad for a rookie!

“Booked more appointments, got more clients and increased my income around 40%!”

"Booked more appointments, got more clients and increased my income around 40%! The Sales Strategy Academy is a great opportunity to invest in you and get better results. It pays for itself in just a month in commission checks!"

Hanniel Maldonado

John closed a $500,000 deal just three months after going through Sales Strategy Academy

My student John closed the biggest deal of his career just three months after finishing Sales Strategy Academy - the deal was for $500,000! And he used just one technique from the course to do it.

How Sales Strategy Academy helped Amanda - a brand new salesperson, build her confidence in selling

Watch this short video to hear how Amanda used Sales Strategy Academy to build her confidence as a brand new salesperson, and stop wasting time with tire-kickers.

What is Sales Strategy Academy?


Sales Strategy Academy teaches you a selling system that is based on the subconscious switches concept that I developed over many years of study, application, testing, and observation of hundreds of the world’s top-performing salespeople.

In other words, Sales Strategy Academy teaches you exactly what to do, and exactly what not to do, so that you can make every prospect’s subconscious mind become irresistibly attracted to you and your products and services, so they ultimately WANT to buy from you and no one else.

There is simply nothing more powerful or effective that you can do to increase your sales significantly, almost overnight, and without working more hours.

Here’s just a tiny sample of what you’re going to discover in Sales Strategy Academy:

  • Why the key to more success, more sales, more money and LOTS more time off… is NOT making MORE sales, but FEWER sales! (This is a counterintuitive distinction that SIX- and SEVEN-FIGURE INCOME salespeople “GET” on a cellular level and 99% of salespeople stubbornly refuse to believe!)

  • Here’s THE BIGGEST REASON you’re not more successful as a salesperson: You spend WAY TOO MUCH of your time with THE WRONG prospects. (In Sales Strategy Academy, we’re going to talk about how to DISQUALIFY “tire kickers” and “time-wasting” prospects, so you can spend more of your time with the high-probability prospects who are much more likely to buy from you, and buy at much higher prices! Once you master disqualification, you will start to see how success at selling becomes SO MUCH EASIER… and you will get ADDICTED to the success and the money that comes faster and faster!)

  • What you’re probably doing EVERY SINGLE DAY that CONDITIONS and TRAINS your prospects NOT to buy from you.

  • You’ll learn how my student Laura doubled her sales from $400k to $800k in just 12 months, without working more hours
  • Why the top 1% of salespeople do NOT act enthusiastic or excited when they’re selling… (HINT: because they KNOW that enthusiasm and excitement KILLS SALES!)

Why most struggling and unsuccessful salespeople spend their entire career avoiding the word “no” - and why six and seven-figure-a-year earners ACTUALLY TRY TO GET THEIR PROSPECTS TO SAY NO!

  • Why we were all taught to “pitch” our prospects and give them all the features and benefits of our product or service… and why this simply does NOT WORK! (HINT: This DID work 40 and 50 years ago, when the economy was simpler, when the business environment was totally different, when sleazy and slimy salespeople hadn’t yet ruined the reputation of all salespeople, and when there was no Internet, and our prospects were nowhere near as informed as they are today…)

  • The COUNTERINTUITIVE “HACK” superstar salespeople use to spot “tire kickers” from a mile away so they waste ZERO time with them. (This hack is probably the least-known, but definitely the MOST POWERFUL thing you can do as a salesperson to dramatically increase your sales, commissions and personal income, VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT... without working more hours!)

  • If you think you are a “salesperson,” IT IS AN ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you are losing at least 50% of the sales that you could be winning if you thought of yourself as a ________. (I will reveal this in Sales Strategy Academy!)
  • Why you should NOT be QUALIFYING prospects… and what you SHOULD be doing instead, if you want to earn six or seven figures in commissions every year.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #1: Saying the same tired, old stuff EVERY other salesperson says. You’re going to learn exactly what you should say when a prospect asks you this common question: “Why should I work with you?” The word-for-word answer I’ll give you in Sales Strategy Academy will INSTANTLY build massive TRUST with your prospect, and INSTANTLY set you apart from every other salesperson, and every other company selling to your prospect. (It’s very powerful, and no one else is saying this!)

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #2: Talking about how great your product and company are instead of making the prospect FEEL UNDERSTOOD. Most salespeople don’t understand that one of the biggest reasons people buy is that they feel like the salesperson understands them, and their problems, and is really focused on them. But even salespeople that understand that, don’t understand that you ALSO have to communicate this WITHOUT saying it EXPLICITLY... or else it loses all of its power. In Sales Strategy Academy, I’m going to show you how to SUBTLY express to a prospect’s SUBCONSCIOUS and EMOTIONAL MIND that you are truly listening and focused on them, and NOT on yourself. There is simply NOTHING MORE POWERFUL THAN THIS in selling.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #3: Groveling, subordinating yourself, or doing other desperate things to “get the sale” from your prospects. In Sales Strategy Academy, you’re going to learn why six- and seven-figure income salespeople have the best of both worlds… they not only make A LOT MORE MONEY and have A LOT MORE FREE TIME… they also command more RESPECT from everyone - bosses, customers, and especially prospects… They NEVER grovel, supplicate themselves, or do desperate things to “get a sale.” They are in control, respected, and have a surprising amount of power and leverage even with ice cold prospects! In Sales Strategy Academy, I’m going to show you how the top 1% of salespeople think and act differently than everyone else, and why this makes ALL the difference.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #4: Letting rejection and lost sales CONTROL YOU, and keep you from taking action and achieving your goals. I’ll talk about why rejection and lost sales don’t even phase the most successful salespeople. ONE WORD encapsulates how they think about this. With this one word - which I’ll give you in Sales Strategy Academy - you can change the whole way you see selling, and once you do that, you’ll see how much easier this can be - selling DOES NOT need to be a thankless, stressful struggle and grind! How would it change selling FOR YOU if you were never again even phased by rejection or lost sales?

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #5: Avoiding the word “no.” This is the DEADLIEST TRAP in sales! In Sales Strategy Academy, I’m going to show you how to change your thinking so you can stop making this HUGE mistake. Once you stop, your productivity (and commissions) will skyrocket!... because how you spend your time will FLIP… You’ll go from spending MOST of your time with TIRE KICKERS and TIME-WASTERS, to spending almost no time with them... and almost all your time with HIGH-PROBABILITY PROSPECTS who will buy more from you, and at higher prices! If you can FLIP your time like this, you can make just about as much money as you want!

Why there’s really NOTHING SPECIAL about sales superstars, and why almost anyone can do what they do…

  • Why you don’t need a lot of prospects to make a lot of money as a salesperson… (and THE EXACT STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS to make this happen!)

  • Why you’re probably working on the wrong goal. In Sales Strategy Academy, I’m going to show you what the superstars have as their ultimate goal. (HINT: It’s not to close more sales.)

  • The two things you need to do to get to the point where you can walk away from any prospect and any deal, at any time, without worrying at all. (When your prospects see that you’re willing to walk away at any time, they become MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTED to you, and this is one of the most powerful ways to increase your closing rates and the size of your deals!)

  • The biggest mistake struggling salespeople don’t even realize they’re making… (In Sales Strategy Academy, I’ll show you how to see if you’re making it, and show you how to stop immediately.)
  • What your most valuable asset in selling is, and how to maximize it so you can skyrocket your income and decrease your hours.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #6: Most salespeople are selling to the wrong mind. Most salespeople do things that appeal to prospects’ conscious, logical mind - like pitching, persuading and being enthusiastic - not realizing that this is not where buying decisions are made. Buying decisions are made in the subconscious, emotional mind. Learning how to connect with prospects at this level is what Sales Strategy Academy is all about.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #7: If you’re trying to close prospects, you have the wrong goal. Superstars don’t try to close anyone. They proactively try to disqualify all prospects. Why? Because they know that wasting time with unqualified prospects is the biggest barrier to making more money in less time.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #8: If you’re cold calling, you’re misusing your time, and you’ll never maximize your earnings. In Sales Strategy Academy, I teach you different ways to prospect that increase your leverage and your Return On Time - a metric I created to measure how well salespeople utilize their time, so they can make more money in less time.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #9: Enthusiasm kills sales. Most prospects associate enthusiasm with pushy salespeople, because that’s what they see every single day. So if you act this way, your sale is dead before you even start.

  • BIG SELLING MISTAKE #10: The more you need a deal, the less likely you are to get it. In Sales Strategy Academy, I teach you how to get to the point where you can walk away from any prospect, at any time, without worrying about it for one second. Only 2% of salespeople ever understand this, and even fewer put it into practice.

  • And much, much more!

What exactly do I get with Sales Strategy Academy?

The course consists of 7 modules that help you learn and implement as you go. Along the way, you get all of the scripts and all of the templates you need to simply plug in your relevant info and start selling better now.

MODULE 1: Distinct From Your Competition

This module shows you what most salespeople do that pushes prospects away - what I call PEP - Pitching, Enthusiasm and Persuading. Then I show you the behaviors you should start using with your prospects that make their subconscious minds flip the switches into the Move Toward position, so your prospects automatically feel more connected to you, want to open up and share their needs and situation with you, and ultimately, want to buy from you over any of your competition, because you are completely distinct from your competition, in the best way possible.

MODULE 2: Deep Connection With Your Prospect

Now that you’ve positioned yourself as distinct from your competition, it’s time to build a deep connection with your prospect. In this module, we delve deep into the behaviors that almost magically create a deep emotional connection and bond between you and your prospect. To have this ability is so rare and powerful - in many cases, this is the primary reason prospects decide to buy from you! Using just one technique from this module, one of my students closed the biggest deal of his career, which was a $500,000 deal!

MODULE 3: Disqualification

The inability to walk away from prospects and deals ruins more sales careers than anything else. When you can’t walk away from any prospect at any time for any reason, you’re going to be desperate to close. When you’re desperate to close, you waste lots of time with lots of tire kickers and unqualified prospects, but even worse, with the right prospects, your desperation shows through and prospects pick it up instantly, causing them to flip their switches into the Move Away position. In this module, I show you a whole new way to look at selling. One where you disqualify prospects instead of qualifying them. And very importantly, I show you how to create a real reason that allows you to walk away from any prospect, at any time, for any reason, and not worry about it for even one second. When you get to this point, you will possess the most powerful weapon available in selling, and you will see your sales numbers and your take-home pay increase rapidly and significantly. And, it makes selling a whole lot more fun too!

MODULE 4: Presentations and Proposals

With each of the modules, we’re moving through a systematic process for selling that works with any prospect - first you create an impression with the prospect that you are distinct, next you create a deep connection with the prospect, then you aim to disqualify to make sure you spend your time only with prospects who have a real problem and money to spend on it, and next we go into doing presentations and proposals. In this module, I show you how to create presentations and proposals that your prospects are actually going to be eager to see. I’m also going to show you in this module that, in most cases, if you have done everything else we’ve already talked about, you won’t even have to close your prospect - they will close themselves.

MODULES 5 & 6: Prospecting

Modules 5 and 6 are all about prospecting. I get this question a lot: why do I spend two whole modules on prospecting? The answer is simple - when you have a steady flow of high-quality prospects coming in day after day, you now have a real reason that allows you to walk away from any prospect, at any time, for any reason, without worrying about it, because you know that the next closed deal is always coming right around the corner. And this is the most powerful ability you can possess in selling. What do I teach about prospecting that’s different? My first promise is no more cold calls. I also introduce you to my concept that I call Return On Time and how it helps you maximize the quality and quantity of prospects you get with the least amount of time spent doing so. I learned this leveraged method of prospecting from carefully observing hundreds of superstar salespeople over the course of 10 years. And much more...

MODULES 7: The Sales Model

Most salespeople fail to close the bigger deals because they’ve never really seen it done successfully - they have no model for it. I recently filmed a complete sales role play of me using everything I teach you in Sales Strategy Academy. And by the way, unlike most sales teachers and gurus, I actually still sell face-to-face and toe-to-toe in the trenches every day for my own business. I routinely sell multiple six-figure contracts to big companies that want me to come in-house and train their sales teams. In this module, you get to see exactly what I do, and how I do it, in every step of the selling system that I teach you in Sales Strategy Academy, so you can see it done right, and so you have a proper model to follow.

AND... if you order today, you’ll also get these SPECIAL BONUSES:


Become a member of my exclusive sales community. We use a powerful online forum - that you'll have full access to - where you can ask me, and other like-minded superstar salespeople, any questions you have or issues you're struggling with right now. Got a proposal that’s going out and not sure how to word it? We'll give you direct feedback on exactly what to do, and what not to do. Struggling with a gatekeeper? Get best practices from the community on what’s actually working today. Run into a snag with an important prospect? Gain insight into how to get it back on track.

Value: $997


This next bonus, and one of my favorites, is about helping you truly master selling all while on your way to that next sales meeting. I personally find that driving time is some of my most productive time to learn. This is all about getting better by fully immersing yourself in selling. We will ship the entire bundle of CDs to your house, but you’ll also get instant access to the content in your portal for digital downloads. This includes 8 Superstar Interviews, the entire Insider Secrets CD Audio Program, and 12 monthly sales coaching CDs shipped all to your door! This would easily sell for well over $1,997!

Value: $1997

BONUS #3: Monday Morning Motivators

This is what’s going to get you to start off each week on the right foot. You will get access to an exclusive quick Monday Morning Motivator training video in order to get you going for the week. Let’s face it, selling can be tough and finding the motivation to get at it, can be fleeting. We need to sometimes be reminded of why we're doing this. You will get a new Motivator video every Monday for the next year! So this will extend well after the end of the course, to keep you motivated and on track. How amazing will it be to get that motivational message each and every Monday of the next year?

Value: $997


At the end of the Sales Strategy Academy, I host a Sales Strategy Virtual Summit - this is a half-day live, virtual workshop with me personally, and it’s going to be a massively high-value and high-energy event where you’ll be surrounded by other people just like you, all from the comfort of your house or office. And it’ll be me coaching you and other Sales Strategy Academy members on better understanding the material, and applying it more and better into your daily selling - I’m going to personally help you work out all the kinks so you can start selling like a superstar ASAP. The last Sales Strategy Virtual Summit event I hosted cost $1,000 per person.

Value: $1,000


  • All six modules in the Sales Strategy Academy online course. This course has a real retail value of $3,997.

  • BONUS #1: The Sales Strategy Forum. Access to this community runs for $997/year with my individual and corporate clients.

  • BONUS #2: Sales CD Training Bundle. This is valued at $1997 because I sell it for that price on my website.

  • BONUS #3: Monday Morning Motivators. This weekly motivational program is worth well over $997, as it will keep you going each and every week for the next year.

  • BONUS #4: Sales Strategy Virtual Summit. This event is valued at $1,000 because this is what every attendee paid the last time I hosted it.

Total value of everything you get today in Sales Strategy Academy is $8,988.

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You can TEST DRIVE Sales Strategy Academy WITH NO RISK… because it comes with TWO money-back guarantees


I’m so confident in Sales Strategy Academy that I offer you two powerful money back guarantees

30-Day ‘No Questions Asked’ Guarantee

If over the next 30 days you decide, for any reason, that this sales course won’t help you dramatically increase your sales, thus easily paying for the cost of the course, then we’ll refund you your money. No hassle. No questions.

6 Month ‘Double Your Money Back’ Guarantee

If you do the work, complete the course, use the scripts, apply the principles and show me that you did it, and you still don’t double your investment, then I will give you twice your money back. Yes, I’m so confident that this program works that I will literally give you double your money back. So, either way, you at least double your investment.


Not everyone who applies gets into Sales Strategy Academy…

Sales Strategy Academy isn’t right for everyone.

Here are the three things you must have to succeed at Sales Strategy Academy, and to be eligible to join.

Number One... you must already believe that one new idea, properly executed, can change your life in a big and positive way. Please don’t automatically assume that you believe this. Take a moment and think about whether you’ve noticed in the past that simple, single, seemingly small ideas have significantly changed your life for the better. If you have noticed this in the past and you believe it is possible, then you should apply to Sales Strategy Academy - you’re going to do fine. If not, it’s probably better that you don’t apply. The material in this course really does boil down to one simple idea that changes selling entirely for you.

Number Two... you must be open to new ideas and be willing to test them out. I know a lot of people say this, but I actually mean it. Please take an honest assessment of your personality. If you tend to fight new ideas, you’re going to struggle in Sales Strategy Academy, because what I teach really is new and different from anything else you’ve heard before.

Number Three... you must be able to make 30 minutes available at least 4 times a week for learning and implementing the new material in Sales Strategy Academy. If you can’t invest this amount of time on a consistent basis, then this course won’t do you any good. YES… you CAN double or even triple your sales and personal take-home income without increasing the number of hours you work on an ongoing basis, but there is a period of upfront work required that is additional. In the real world, you can’t get something for nothing, and this is no exception.

SO… you DO NEED those three things to join Sales Strategy Academy and succeed at it.

But, THE GOOD NEWS IS… you really don’t need anything else!

Using Sales Strategy Academy, you can double or even triple your sales, without working more hours…

  • even if you’ve failed miserably, or only achieved mediocre results in sales up to this point…
  • even if you’ve never sold before, and you’re just starting out…
  • even if you’re positive that you just don’t have the “sales personality”...
  • even if you have no idea what you’re doing with prospects…
  • even if you feel frustrated, pissed off, burnt out and ready to quit at this very moment…
  • even if your boss or sales manager is completely inept and totally micromanages you…
  • even if you think everyone else can do this, but you can’t, for whatever reason.

You CAN do this. People with fewer advantages than you have doubled their sales using Sales Strategy Academy. People with less confidence than you have done it. People with less experience, less skill, less personality and less knowledge than you… have all at least doubled their sales using Sales Strategy Academy.

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Are you going to wait and think it over?

This class is going to fill up to capacity. Whether you join or not, won’t really impact me or my business that much, but I want to share something my mentor taught me about success.

Winners don’t wait.

I used to wait.

I used to take my time and think it over.

Here’s what I’ve learned since then:

The only thing waiting and “thinking it over” ever did for me, was make me have to wait longer for my success!

My mentor’s advice was very simple.

He said: “Cover your downside as much as you can, and then just decide, just take action... that’s how you succeed. No one ever succeeded at anything by waiting and thinking it over.”

Sales Strategy Academy comes with not one, but TWO money-back guarantees, so I have already covered your downside for you, completely

...but I can’t decide for you...

...and I can’t take action for you…

Only you can do that.

Here’s your chance:

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This is a proven system for sales success… but this class is closing soon.

If you want to make more money, with less work... if you want more freedom and more control over your time... if you want more leverage and power with your bosses, company, prospects, and clients... if you want more success, and more respect from peers, friends and family…

Sales Strategy Academy can help you get all of that, because it is a PROVEN SYSTEM FOR SALES SUCCESS, but...

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You have nothing to lose here... except a great opportunity.

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